Are you retired or within 10 years of retiring? Can you afford for the stock market to decline in the years just before you retire or in the years just after you retire? Retirement planning is one of the most difficult aspects of financial planning to do accurately. And yet any mistake could have grave consequences.

Consider doing business with me, Clifton Myers, owner of Clifton Myers Financial Advisory, Inc. We are a full service financial services organization and can help you with all of your financial planning needs - whether it be income generation in retirement, college planning for your children, or estate planning for your transfer of assets needs. But my specialty is helping retired people and people close to retirement in planning their retirement so that their money will last them a lifetime and always be there for them when they need it.

My investment philosophy is unique when compared to most other financial advisors. I do not believe in investing your money in the "buy and hold" philosophy. This investment strategy worked well throughout the 90s but now I believe it to be a recipe for retirement disaster. With the long-term prognosis of the stock market not looking good, retirees need to invest in such a manner as to be able to make money - regardless of what the market is doing. And that is what I can do for you. I can make money in an up market or in a down market. No longer do you have to depend on the stock market going up for a successful return on your investments. No longer do you have to take higher than anticipated risk in order to obtain the higher returns you need to offset the impact of taxes and inflation. Your money needs to be there for you when you need it. We can help in determining how your investments should be structured to accomplish your retirement goals for you.

My ideas are different from most investment advisors. I encourage you to delve deeper into this website to determine exactly how I am different and what I can do for you. Whether it be full scale financial planning or simply investment management, I think you will like the ideas I have and be able to see how they can make your retirement (or other financial goals) much easier.

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