Clifton Myers is the President of Clifton Myers Financial Advisory, Inc. in Round Rock, Texas. Clifton specializes in assisting retired people and people fixing to retire with their financial planning needs. He is a specialist in Money Management for retirees, estate planning, long-term care insurance , stock options, as well as taxes. His practice focuses on helping his clients avoid the common mistakes made by most retirees and to avoid these pitfalls

Clifton has his undergraduate degree in Economics from Sam Houston State University and his MBA from Texas State University. He has been in the financial services industry for 27 years .

Clifton lives with his wife Terry, who owns Kaleidoscope Real Estate.  He lives in the Round Rock West area. If you have been looking for straight advice and wondering who you can trust, then Clifton Myers would be happy to meet with you.


Clifton Myers Financial Advisory, Inc. is a registered investment advisor and focuses on the needs of the over 60 age group. As a result of this focus, they are well versed in the challenges facing those people who are retired or are fixing to retire.

All product advice is objective in nature as Clifton Myers Financial Advisory, Inc. has no proprietary products.

Advice is focused in the following areas:

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT - investment programs designed to protect your money first and achieve high performance second.

INCOME ENHANCEMENT - various strategies for reducing taxes and increasing income in retirement while still protecting your money.

RETIREMENT PLANNING - positioning and withdrawal strategies for a safe, secure, and long-lasting retirement and how your day-to-day investment returns affect the big picture.

TAX PLANNING AND PREPARATION - full tax preparation services with planning strategies for future tax reduction.

LONG-TERM CARE - insurance or qualification for Medicaid. They will answer the question, "What are the Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance?"

ESTATE PLANNING - how to transfer your assets to your heirs in the most efficient manner possible and pay the least amount of estate and income taxes. Many of these strategies will have tax reduction benefits while you are alive.

STOCK OPTIONS - specifically aimed at the tax treatment of stock options and the problem of retiring with too much exposure in your company's stock.

Retired people know better than most that life is short and life in retirement is even shorter. Retirement enjoyment must be maximized which means retirement money must be maximized so that the time that is left can be lived to the fullest. We can help you put all the pieces of your financial situation together, watch and monitor it for you, provide constant communication as to how the changing market conditions will affect not only your money but how they will have an impact on the big picture of your retirement enjoyment. We provide an ongoing relationship and never a one shot sale of a product or service.

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